Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to Download Torrent in IDM (Internet Download Manager)

How to Download Torrent in IDM

Hi Friends today i got so bored because of continues internet disconnection due to torrent downloader. and also torrent downloader uploading more while downloading so many people searching for how to download torrent with IDM (Internet Download Manager).

So here We Go:

ZbigZ is an online bittorent client that lets you download torrent files using a download manager. It also lets you stream media files direct to your PC. Other features of ZbigZ are given below:
  • Download any type of content
  • No Speed and Bandwidth limit for Premium users
  • For free users, speed up to 150kbps and 8GB file size limit
  • No network or software restrictions
  • Download anonymously
  • Stream music and video
  • Download from anywhere, anytime
You just need to provide the link of the torrent file and ZbigZ will starting downloading for you which you can later download to your PC. The cache is stored only for a week and after that you will have to start over again.