Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free Mobile recharge (Airtel, vodafone, docomo, tata, bsnl, idea, all free codes hack)

Free Mobile recharge (Airtel, vodafone, docomo, tata, bsnl, idea, all free codes hack)

There is a trick to get recharges for about rs.100 or rs.50 something about that range.

so here is the trick

First go to www.ebay.in

For those who doesnot know what ebay is , ebay is online shopping center.If you have a credit or debit card or an online bank account, you can easily purchase anything online anything means almost anything .You can even get items ranging from rs.5 ( it can be lesser) to any prize.

So about the trick

Create a free account in ebay, thats completely free but you need a valid email address. if you found any problem in creating an account just visit: www.neenoxavier.in and contact me.

So now you have an account in ebay so lets move to the next step

The next step is the same step as described earlier.Just make another account in ebay.Now make it in the name of your father or any of your relative or for your name itself but make little difference in the username .

The next step is the same process, make many accounts .

So now you have many account what you should do now is just to wait.


and wait............

until ebay sent you a ebay coupon:

Thats an example of ebay coupen that they will send to you .........

They will send you the same coupon to your different account related email addresses..

So how could you know you have got a mail from ebay on different inboxes..

Its too difficult to check each inbox.

There is an easy method called as email forwarding.Forward all the mails to a single email address..

So now you have got your ebay coupen Just start buying your item and use your coupons..

You would be wondering y I said about recharges...

As I said earlier that you can get almost any thing in ebay, you can also get recharges on ebay and those are the best thing that you can get with the minimum puchase amount specified in the coupen

and moreover

i Have a store in ebay for rechargeZzzzzzzzz...............!!!!!!!!!

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